Brad Belote
Los Angeles
Director of Sales & Engineering, Zemarc Corporation


Bradford Belote is the Director of Sales at Zemarc Corporation.  Previous to Brad's role as Director of Sales, he was working with Zemarc for over 10 years as a Sales Engineer to the Aerospace Industry.

Zemarc Corporation is a distributor and systems integrator for motion control, fluid, and gas management systems.  Zemarc is committed to delivering advanced systems to meet the emerging new requirements in the rapidly expanding space industry.

In addition to participating in the Space Tech Expo's panel on Testing in a Time of New Designs, Brad will be conducting a training on Electro-Hydraulic Actuators for Aerospace Testing Applications August 13 at 10:30am pst.  To sign up for this training or attend one of the other trainings offered by Zemarc during the week of the Space Tech Expo, please go to

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