Lucy Condakchian
General Manager of Robotics, Maxar Technologies

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Lucy Condakchian is the general manager of robotics at Maxar. The company provides robotic systems for autonomous operations, as well as mechanisms and services for a range of missions including in-orbit satellite servicing, and exploration on the moon and Mars.  Condakchian has worked at Maxar in increasingly responsible roles since 2002.

With a degree in Aerospace Engineering from UCLA, Condakchian began her career as a mechanical design engineer working on the Instrument Deployment Device for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s (JPL’s) Mars Exploratory Rover. Condakchian advanced to become a project manager for advanced subsystems on several NASA and DARPA projects including several innovative and advanced robotic arms with multiple joints enabling highly dexterous movement.

Condakchian has worked on all of the robotic arms used on the surface of Mars including arms for the Mars Exploratory Rover, the Phoenix Lander, the InSight Lander currently operating on the surface of Mars and the Sample Handling Assembly planned to launch as part of the on Mars 2020 mission this July. Over the course of her career Condakchian has grown the company’s business and established its reputation as the top supplier of sophisticated robotic systems for autonomous operations in space.

Under her leadership, Maxar partnered with NASA on SPIDER as part of the OSAM-1, a project to develop a robotic system that flies on a satellite and enables it to assemble itself once on orbit. Designed to serve both U.S. government and commercial satellite operators, the capability was successfully demonstrated on the ground in August 2017.

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