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Aug 10 - Collaboration
Aug 11 - Smart Manufacturing
Aug 12 - Software & Security
Aug 13 - LEO and Beyond
Joseph Anderson
Director, Mission Extension Vehicles
Dave Barnhart
Director, USC Space Engineering Research Center
University of Southern California
Brad Belote
Director of Sales & Engineering
Zemarc Corporation
Dr. Charles E. Bray Jr.
Manager, Small Business Programs Office
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Ellen Chang
Syndicate 708 BMNT
Laurie Chappell
Senior Director, Civil Space Capture & Strategy
Maxar Technologies
Lucy Condakchian
General Manager of Robotics
Maxar Technologies
Ragin Desai
Marketing Manager
Skyworks Solutions, Inc
Sean Dougherty
Chief Technologist of Robotics
Maxar Technologies
Alan Dunn
Chair, Executive Education Programs for Manufacturing, Operations and Supply Chain Management
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